Monday, December 28, 2009

Watch me.

I've got quite the lovely new camera for Christmas.

This week I AM going to lose my Christmas pounds.

I'm making a comeback, I can feel it. Fuck this New Years party shit, if I have to go and they want to talk then I'll damn well give them something to talk about.

Did I mention I have a lovely new camera?

I'll post again in the New Year, with new photos, because like I said I'm making a comeback and I can post something to be proud of.

I don't endorse such behaviors but I choose to accept mine.

It makes my skin crawl to think that I'm fully capable of being a disgusting fat over eater. Damn them and their bad foods, making me think it's ok to give in, giving in for me means I lose all control and dive in.

No No No

Guess my blood test will show higher nutrient levels because of it though, right?

This isn't a new year resolution. This is a return to form.

I think all the fat has accumulated on my face, neck and thighs. Now for anyone who feels bad about binging this Christmas... At least you didn't do it for two whole weeks. I've a lot of ground work to do here.

And my arm now bears scratches. Now that is definitely not me. Not in the slightest. I always abhorred such things. What's more is; I simply don't care. Fill me with liquor, powder my nose and let just one week glide from under my feet. Just one, just a little holiday.

See you at six and a half stone.


No excuses


  1. Girl, I've been on a binging roller coaster since Thanksgiving. Jesus. But I think I'll eventually get back on track and I KNOW you will very soon what with that determination. : ) You will be fabulous for your New Year's parties and everyone will be amazed and you will reach all of your goals and be amazing!

  2. howd you pull up? where you at with you NY resolutions?
    Hope everything's going to plan!;)

  3. i think these holidays were tough for everyone. i'm personally relieved they are over. you will get back on track- hang in there.