Sunday, November 15, 2009


..Such was my progress pre binge, I'd guess this was when I was at 96.

Feels weird posting images of me.

..Any thoughts? love love how heels transform your legs!


  1. you're skin and bones, honey! You are so thin that you don't even need to lose weight. Your body is beautiful. Embrace it!

  2. High heels and black tights are my best friend. I wore some just the other day and nearly felt compelled to blog about it ha ha

    Perhaps I will... :P


  3. Oh god I miss looking like you. T.T I deeply regret deleting my photos for fear of mummy finding them.
    You lucky moo, you. >.>
    Indeed, heels are rather lovely. I have a gorgeous pair that get compliments everytime they're worn- shame they absolutely kill my feet. x.x
    Oh well. Have to suffer to be beautiful :3